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Fort Wayne Philharmonic Institutional Vision

Core Values 
(Historically, the basic tenants of our long-term success)   
  • Artistic Integrity    
  • Individual and Collective Excellence
  • Sustainability   
  • Adaptability and Innovation    
  • Transparency and Accountability 

Core Purpose (Reason we exist) 
To inspire and foster a lifelong love of classical music through performance and education.

Long-Term Goals (10 - 30 Years) and Examples of Success
To be recognized as an essential regional asset.  
  • Championed by civic groups and community leaders    
  • Receive funding from local governments    
  • Demand for orchestra services outweighs supply    
  • Community leaders seek Fort Wayne Philharmonic board membership
  • Participate year round in important community events    
  • % of community who attends or donates to the Philharmonic 

To demonstrate to the community a return to long-term sustainability.
  • Broad community believes this is true (letters, comments, gifts)    
  • Ongoing positive cash flow  
  • Positive unrestricted net assets    
  • Adequate capitalization through restricted endowment
  • Increasing patron support

To achieve recognized escalation in artistic quality.
  • Perform in the ideal spaces for the various program types    
  • Create, perform and export innovative artistic programs    
  • Increasingly competitive auditions   
  • Guest artists and composers seek out the Philharmonic for projects