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Fort Wayne Philharmonic 2015-16 Board of Directors

Ben Eisbart, Chair

Chuck Surack, Chair-Elect

Carol Lindquist, Vice Chair

Sharon Peters, Vice Chair

Philip Smith, Vice Chair

Daryl Yost, Vice Chair

Greg Marcus, Secretary

George Bartling, Treasurer


George Bartling

Sarah Bodner

Earl D. Brooks, II

Vicky Carwein

Anita Cast

Keith Davis

Ben Eisbart

Dennis Fick

Michael Galbraith

Leonard Helfrich

Katy Hobbs

Vicki James

Pamela Kelly

Carol Lindquist

Greg Marcus

Eleanor Marine

Nick Mehdikhan

Timothy Miller

Tamzon O'Malley

Sharon Peters

Dr. Lance Richey (Intern)

Melissa Shenkel

Jeff Sebeika

Rob Simon

Philip Smith

Nancy Stewart

Chuck Surack

Barb Wachtman

Daryl Yost

Alfred Zacher

Mary Ann Ziembo

Honorary Board
Patricia Adsit
Mrs. James M. Barrett III
Howard and Betsy Chapman
Will and Ginny Clark
Dru Doehrman
June E. Enoch
Leonard M. Goldstein
William N. and Sara Lee Hatlem
Diane Humphrey
Jane L. Keltsch
William Lee
Carol Lehman
Elise D. Macomber
Alfred Maloley
Michael J. Mastrangelo, MD
Dr. Evelyn M. Pauly
Jeanette Quilhot
Carolyn and Dick Sage
Lynne Salomon
Herbert Snyder
Howard and Marilyn Steele
Zohrab Tazian
Ronald Venderly
W. Paul Wolf
Don Wood